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A bi-lingual publication in German and English

Tuebingen Atlas of the Near & Middle East
History, Geography & Cultural Anthropology

    TAVO Atlas - sample map for download (size: 5.3 MB)

    TAVO Atlas - power point presentation for download (size: 8.7 MB)

TAVO Hardcover Edition 12 Volumes

Handmade by a German bookbinder, this edition underlines the beauty of the large-format maps (72 x 50 cm). For the first time, the complete TAVO material is presented in book format, without reducing the original size of the maps. The new 12 volume edition will meet the specific demands of many reference libraries, as it presents the TAVO material in a user-friendly format. Each volume contains a complete list of all TAVO maps. The edition is accompanied by a three-volume index.
Personalized editions in half-leather and gilt edge blocking are available upon request.

TAVO Hardcover Edition
12 vols, 307 pages
3 vols index
Price: EUR 11,000.00
plus postage (and 7% VAT within the European Union)
Order Nr. 16375

TAVO Portfolio Edition 7 Volumes

The portfolio edition has been developed for the specific demands of university and public libraries. The 295 single sheets of the Atlas are placed in acid-free plastic sleeves and stored in 7 user-friendly portfolios. The single maps can be easily accessed through a ring-binding mechanism and are well-protected against dust and damage. They can be taken out of the portfolio individually. The overall size of a portfolio is 66 x 78 x 4 cm. The ideal storage system for frequently used maps.

TAVO Portfolio Edition
295 sheets in 7 portfolios with 149 plastic sleeves
3 vols index
Price: EUR 9,000.00
plus postage (and 7% VAT within the European Union)
Order Nr.11630

TAVO Archive Edition 2 Boxes

The 295 single sheets of the Atlas are assorted and placed in two handmade royal blue cloth folders.
The ideal way of storing the loose maps of the Atlas.

TAVO Archive Edition
295 sheets in 2 handmade royal blue cloth cases
3 vols index
Price: EUR 6,000
plus postage (and 7% VAT within the European Union)
Order Nr.10463

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